You must present yourself to any of our stores and fill out a form, provide proof of identity and profession (business a card or website will suffice).


The discount is applicable to professionals only. In addition, it is possible to add multiple contacts or employees under the same company name. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to carry billing in a name other than registered ones (e.g. designer's client). ZONE stores reserve the right to request an identity card at the time of purchase.

Your 10% discount will be applied to your purchases and your purchase history will be kept under the account number.


Your discount cannot be applied via our website. To make a remote purchase please contact customer service via email at or call 1-877-845-3532 (toll-free call) and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.


The discount is applicable on regular price items only. In the case of a sale item, only the most advantageous discount will be applied. Please note that discounts are not cumulative.